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Lawn Mower Tires

Welcome to our website about Lawn Mower Tires. Here at our site, you will be able to find suppliers of lawn mower tires, and find the one that best fits your mower and your style. From the residential mower to the small business mowing service companies, we have supplier information to help you make the best purchase.

Choosing the right lawn mower tires depends on many factors, such as the type of grass you are mowing, the total area to work with, and especially the terrain. For example, if you are using a walking mower, you want tires that have low profile treads that will not destroy the grass you just mowed. On the other hand, you want the tires to be very directional so that you are controlling the machine and the mower is not leading you. In addition to these factors, lawn mower tire life is a large determining factor.

You may not realize how many lawn mower tire characteristics there are. There is literally a tire for every application. Rib tires in particular help to reduce grass damage. They also have a great life and have minimal wear. Some tires display beveled shoulders and a flat profile to help improve the traction or “grip” on the turf as well as increasing the stability of the motor. Finally, studded tires boast increased grip and the ability to navigate very rough terrain with ease.

Familiarity with additional lawn mower tires can really aid in making a decision. For example, round shoulder turf tires are employed in riding mowers, with a low tread profile to reduce ripping up the grass when making sharp turns. In contrast, square shoulder turf tires are mounted on the back wheels and have a larger surface area for increased grip on the turf when cornering. They are good for use in damp or soft surfaces because the increased surface area prevents sinkage.

In addition, lug tire treads are tires used in high traction situations. They especially excel in conditions of loose soil, snowy terrain, or any other application that needs superior traction. They are only used on the back wheels and are the most aggressive of the tires. Even slight changes in direction can really mess up the turf.

Commercial grade turf tires most resemble the square shoulder tires, but are much stronger and more durable. They have thick rubber surfaces and deeper ribs for increased service life. These are most often found on commercial equipment in industrial settings. Be sure to do your homework when finding the right tire for your lawn mower. You will be really increase your efficiency and your tractor will thank you.