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AG Tractor Tires

Agriculture is the most important industry in any economy. With the advent of science and technology, many inventions are being made in order to ease and facilitate faster and more efficient agricultural production. For farm owners, it is mandatory to replace the tractor tires after every few years to enhance the performance of the vehicle.

Tractor is one of the most important vehicles used in the process. It’s very important that the parts used in the tractors and other agricultural vehicles must be of good quality. Reliability and durability is of prime importance. Tractor tires- front and rears, combine tires, grain cart and diamond tread, implement tires, pivot tires etc. are used in agricultural vehicles. Good quality tires enhance the performance and make the tractor look novel.

Other equipments which are used on the farm include farm tractor, farm wagon, forklift, backhoe, loader and many other specialty equipment applications. All these vehicles should have AG tires which are of supreme quality.

Tire manufacturers extend attractive deals and promotions to their dealers which are further passed on to the customers. Before heading out to buy AG Tires, one must survey and access the land carefully. Type of AG Tires would definitely depend on the type of soil. The frequency of use, land texture-whether gravel, sandy, wet or dry would make a difference. Efficient quality and reasonable price is the prime concern of any buyer. Buying AG Tires is not a cheap investment. One must set a budget and decide on a price for the tires and stick to it. As there are lot of choices available in the market, one may get influenced and end up paying a high price for the tire-replacement. One must decide on the purchase on the basis of one’s requirements and budget only.

The first decision which one needs to make is whether to buy radial or bias tires. The latter costs less than the former and is appropriate if the tractor is seldom used. If hauling and pulling is all that the tractor does and it’s a significantly old vehicle, bias tires work just fine. On the other hand, radial tires have a larger footprint than bias tires. These tires are an optimum choice when the tractor is used for heavy duty work and is operated on roads and tilling jobs. As it offers better traction, they are more stable and do not sway or slip.

In Radials, one has an option between R-1 and R-1 W tires. The latter has more inter-lug space and has a deeper tread. It works well on wet ground and is quite difficult to run on dry and hard ground. These tires are primarily manufactured and imported from Europe. Purchasing AG tires is definitely a wise and well-thought of decision and one must take it prudently.