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Go Kart Tires

Go Kart is the one of the most popular sports in today’s world. Whether young or old, male, female or children, all love to feel the adrenalin rush sitting behind the Go Kart wheels. The spirit of winning the race and to be the winner is the main motive behind the game. Choosing right Go kart tires becomes the primary task before one sets out to enjoy the sport.

The decision to buy the Go kart tires is quite a difficult one and lack of appropriate knowledge about the same may end up in a wrong-buy which the buyer may regret later. The type of Go kart and the terrain on which it is driven decides the type of tires to be installed. The safety behind the wheels is also dependent on the type of tires installed.

The Go kart tires are broadly categorised into two types: grooved and not grooved. The ones with the grooves are also known as treads or grooved and non-grooved are also known as slicks. In places where it rains quite often, treads are a better choice as they are able to displace the water easily and faster and hence increase the traction on the track. A slick on the other hand, would cause safety threats on a similar terrain as they would make the car slide easily and can lead to accident on the track. It would be extremely difficult to go kart on such terrain with slicks as the vehicle will sway in different directions and the driver would lose control!

Slick tires are extremely useful for dry tracks as they will facilitate faster movements and sharper turns. This will not only enhance the speed but also give a better control to the driver.

The air-pressure in the Go kart tires is also extremely important factor for the vehicle control as it will monitor the grip and speed on the road. Weather conditions also affect the tire-pressure as the latter may drop in cold conditions and increase in warmer weather. Hence before the beginning of any race, one must monitor the tire pressure and change it accordingly. An increase of 1-5 psi in warmer weather will give better performance of the go kart tires and prevent any accident. Lowering down the air pressure by a similar amount would also maintain the performance of the go kart tires as the tires would gain heat as the race begins.

Go kart tires must be changed as and when required. With built in holes in the tires which become bigger with wear and tear, it’s easy to assess when it’s time to change the tires. A worn tire will affect the performance on the track and can lead to accidents as well.

Choosing a good quality Go kart tires is extremely important as not only it affects the performance but also prevents any mishap on the tracks.