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John Deere Lawn Mower

Welcome to our website about Farm Tractor Tires. Here at our site, you will be able to find suppliers of farm tractor tires, and find the one that best fits your mower and your style. From the residential mower to the small business mowing service companies, we have supplier information to help you make the best purchase.

The John Deere lawn mowers fall into two categories, the push lawn mowers and the tractor lawn mower.  The push or walks-behind lawn mowers, as they are commonly known, are the cheaper option. This group features a Briggs and Stratton engine, 190 cc with 6.75 ft lbs gross torque. These mowers also have a rear-discharge stamped steel deck and a single-level wheel height adjuster.


The tractor mowers on the other hand are more expensive and more powerful. They also offer a number of features starting with a 19.5Hp engine, cargo mount system, five-speed transmission, headlights and a cast iron front axle.  This john Deere lawn mower also features a translucent fuel tank including a sight gauge and a reverse implement option among other useful features.


You will realize that most of the features listed for the john Deere lawn mowers might not provide all the information you require in order to make your choice. It is therefore important to learn certain tips, which will assist you in choosing the best lawn mower for your needs. Normally lawn mowers fall into two distinct categories. These are not the push and tractor but rather the rotary and reel mowers. The difference between the two is the configuration for the blade.


With the reel lawn mowers, a spinning blade is positioned above a stationary blade. However, the rotary lawn mower has only one circular blade. This blade is housed within a fiberglass or metal housing. Since safety is one of the main considerations when using a lawn mower, it is good to go for the rotary lawn mowers.


Another important consideration that will help you make a choice when buying john Deere lawn mowers is the operation mode. As stated earlier the john Deere lawn mowers are available in two versions, the push and the tractor lawn mower. If you need a mower that will help you loose some weight the push option is better. Still on operation, you need to consider the source of power. Most of the john Deere lawn mowers are gas powered. This is not a bad option but it might bother you is you are concerned about pollution.


With these tips in mind you should be able to choose which john Deere lawn mower to go for. Remember these mowers are truly powerful machines. Some of them have engines strong enough to run motorcycles on the road. They are also built solidly ensuring that they last for a long time.