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Lawn Mower Wheels

Lawn Mower Wheels come in many varieties, shapes, and sizes.  The main consideration when buying a new set of lawn mower wheels is the brand and type of lawnmower.  Firstly, if it is a riding mower, it requires thicker and stronger wheels.  In addition, this impacts the materials used in actual wheel itself.  For example, deck wheels are made of pure plastic, and are not suited for most outdoor terrain.


Plastic lawn mower wheels are the most common because they are the cheapest and fall in the intermediate category between a walk behind mower and a ride mower.  The advantages to plastic wheels are the lower cost, increased flexibility, and the a lighter weight to aid in maneuverability on any terrain.  In addition, plastic does not rust and does not corrode.


The next upgrade to lawn mower wheels comes in the form of steel lawnmower wheels.  These wheels are much more durable than their plastic counterpart.  However, they are quite vulnerable to rust buildup and corrosion.  Steel wheels are usually the optimal wheel because of the ruggedness of the material, which allows it to be used in all mower applications.


Some of the lesser known lawn mower wheels are caster wheels, which do not run on an axle and are mainly used as the front wheels in push behind lawnmowers.  In addition, specialized wheels with can also be employed, which decreases the weight of the lawnmower.  This helps in maneuverability, but decreases the ruggedness of the wheel.  In general spokes help to maintain strength but decreases the weight of the wheel.


The lawn mower tires are perhaps the most important choice because they can determine how your mower handles different terrains as well as how gentle it is on the turf.  However, you must check which types of tires fit which wheels to ensure compatibility. 


The best advice is to check with your manufacturer to determine which wheels are right for you and your mower.  Without proper dimensions and recommendations, you may accidentally choose a lawn mower wheel that is too large and does not clear the wheel hub, or choose a wheel that is too small and does not allow the blades to receive adequate clearance from the ground.