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Lawnmower Tires

Cutting grass in our lawns would have been much of a task hadn’t it been for these little machines called lawnmowers. There are several types of mowers which include push over and tractor mowers. While buying mowers one thing we should take into consideration is the tires. It is evident that for anyone who is buying a mower, the type of tires whether tubeless or flat-free is a factor that determines the price and also the cost of maintenance. Another question is, where do you start if you want to buy or replace lawn mower tires

There are different types of lawn mower tires which include classic rib tires, classic TX, smooth tire and studded tires among others. Classic rib lawn mower tires are good in reduction of damage to the lawn. They are best as front wheels. Classic TX tires have high gripping ability and are a special form of rugged tires.  Smooth Tires are tires that have normal surface feel and shape. They are appropriate for your mower if it doesn’t need much grip. They are ideal when used as front ones since they cause little damage to the turf and are puncture resistant. For Studded lawn mower tires, they are used for both commercial and home purposes since they offer two-way traction. 

There are also certain factors to consider before buying lawnmower tires. First you need to take a look at the terrain where you will be using your mower. The main consideration is whether it is rugged or even. While replacing lawn mower tires it is important to buy those that correspond to those of the mowers make. You should also check the available models and prices to help you make the best decision. It is also important to examine the tires carefully before you buy them to avoid regrets later. 

Finally, lawn mower tire maintenance is also important. This includes checking the tires pressure at least weekly, oiling the wheel regularly and keep mowers safely during winter. Maintenance serves as a precaution and is important in ensuring that the lifetime of your mower is extended and hence saving some unwanted expenses. It is also important to buy and keep for yourself a portable air or foot operated compressor and a spare wheel. These are important when you have a flat tire and the mower is needed instantly. 

Ultimately, the type of lawnmower tires you go for is a matter of choice. However, it is always important to remember that cheap is expensive. It is also important to consider products that are offered with warranties and especially when you buy them from an authorized dealer which eliminates chances of ending up with counterfeits.