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Peerless Tires

Peerless tires’ is a product of one man’s tireless efforts and hard work. Mike Schaffner founded the company in 1949 in Globeville, Colorado. Moving from places to places building stations, he finally had thirty-eight stations by 1966. That time the company was a distributor of Uniroyal’s house brands “Peerless”. In 1982, after Mr. Schaffner retired, the company bought the name ‘Peerless’ a trademark from Uniroyal and in 1986 changed the name to Peerless Tire co. By September 2010, the company has 60 stores all over the United States. Peerless Tire Company is the private company grouped under Tire-Distributors which is located at Farmington, NM.

For car-owners who wish to buy new tires without shedding a lot of money out of the pocket, Peerless tires is the perfect choice. Over the years, the company has marked a niche for itself in the industry. With good quality material used for manufacturing the tires, it is truly one tire that would never tire.

In the present times, when purchasing a tire is a major investment, Peerless tires offer quality product at affordable price. With an impressive starting double digit figure range, purchasing all four tires is not very hard on the pockets. The product comes with warranty of performance and durability!

The company has maintained an extensive website which gives details of the products in their catalog. This helps the customers to arrive at a decision about the optimum tire for their vehicle. A list of all the stores which sell the product comes handy as customers can save time and money hunting for the tires. The website also mentions tire-maintenance tips. This is very useful, especially for those customers who are ignorant about the ways to maintain the tires and improve its performance.

The company has excellent customer after-sales service. Buyers can always call up the company and get information about the available products. ‘After sales service’ facilitates any future problems which customers might face with the tires. Being in the business for so many years, Peerless tire Company has created a strong foundation for itself and is known for its reliability.

A product which performs well and does not burn holes in the pocket, defines peerless tires. For people who cannot afford to spend lump sum amount of money, Peerless Tires offers hire-purchase option, where no interest is charged for 6 months.

Overall Peerless tires are an optimum choice for people who do not wish to get into any hassles and wish to buy durable and reliable products which are not very expensive. Peerless tires provide excellent customer sales service as they believe in building relationships with their customers.