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Reel Lawn Mower

Purchasing reel lawn mower could be considered as a dicey proposition. Rumors may have circulated giving the mower a bad reputation; it may be true if the topic of discussion is the older reel mowers. Current reel lawn mowers are far more advanced and here are some of the benefits that you will enjoy.

The reel lawn mower could be termed as featherweight. Weighing 15 to 20 pounds, it saves you shipping costs, which are proportional to weight. You also enjoy the freedom of lifting without having to strain much. They are environmentally friendly. These mowers save the environment from pollution bearing in mind that they are operated mechanically by pushing. They do not release smelly fumes and are always ready for operation because you do not have to fuel them first.

The reel lawn mower is also beneficial economically. This is simply because you are not going to buy gas and in the end, you realize that your mower saves you an equal amount of money as you bought it in around four months. Another advantage is that it is relatively easy to maneuver. The light property of the reel lawn mower enables it to maneuver difficult places like trees. Other mowers might not have such capability.

It also offers little resistance when pushing uphill. The mowers are also good for the health of your lawn. Its blades cut using a sheering motion clipping the grass evenly unlike the spinning blades of other mowers, which will often rip your grass tearing it unevenly.

When it comes to price, the reel lawn mower is pocket friendly. Notwithstanding its high quality, it is a great deal cheaper than other mowers making it astonishingly economical. The other property that makes the reel lawn mower a superb choice is size. It is greatly convenient if you reside in a city and just have a small lawn to mow.

To get best results after mowing you should sharpen the blades and the reel lawn mower does not give you a hard time when sharpening them; it is quite simple taking about 15 minutes. The reel lawn mower is relatively silent putting away the engine noise of gasoline-powered mowers. You will not have to quarrel with neighbors over the noise and it does not matter when you tend to your lawn may it be early in the morning.

The last benefit is safety. Once you stop pushing the mower the blades stop eliminating any chance of hazards that may be caused by gasoline-powered mowers, which are left running. You also do not have to mind about sticks and stones, which fly to the house. The reel lawn mower is the superb choice if you want to conserve both environment and resources.