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Tractor Tire Chains

Tractor tire chains are mostly used in areas experiencing very cold weather leading to snowy conditions. Such conditions make it very hard to drive the tractor especially off road. Using tractor tire chains however helps the machine move easily. This improves traction hence upping the overall performance. When planning to buy tire chains on your own, it is important to learn more about them in order to choose the ones most suitable for your situation. 


There are different models, designs and styles for tractor tire chains just like in other tire chains. However, the variety of chains available is determined by various factors such as the tractor brand and type of wheel. The choice is usually determined by the kind of work your tractor handles and personal preferences. However, the two-link spacing with an optional V-bar is highly recommended.  


Two link spacing means a cross chain for every second side of the chain link. This category of tractor tire chains has twice as much cross chains as the four- link spacing. The use of extra chains in these tractor tire chains ensures a smooth and steady ride. It also provides more steering control. The use of an optional V-bar ensures that the chains are more helpful on hilly rides, on ice and any other hard-packed condition. However, the V-bars should not be used on concrete as this damages the surface. 


Although the two link spacing provides maximum stability allowing the tractor to be driven even in the worst conditions, you can also opt for the four link spacing tractor tire chains. These have the links spaced far apart compared to the two link spacing. In case you tractor deals with hard surfaces or gets stuck often, it is a good idea to get the Duo- group cross tire chains which not only increase the stability of your tractor but also the grip. These tractor tire chains are also very useful when driving on a hilly area. 


Apart from learning about different types of tractor tire chains, it is also important to learn about the installation process. This can be done by a single person without requiring additional help. You just need to slide the tractor tire chains behind the tire then keep connecting the links. Once this is over make sure the chain is tight and straight. If not, you can do this by pulling a tension chain through the tractor tire chain’s locking mechanism.