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Used Tractor Tire

Used tractor tires
are often kept on top of the shed for no purpose. If you store these tires and let them remain there for a long time, you are risking your family’s health to life taking diseases like malaria, flu, H1N1 and many more which are caused by mosquitoes and other virus carrying organisms. These used tractor tires collect rain water and provide a good platform for these creatures to breed. So why not make a good use of them instead of messing your house with them? Yes, you can use used tractor tires for many useful purposes.

Used tractor tires can be used in different ways. If you follow these ways, you can save money and also the environment. Rather than dumping the tires in your garbage why not use them in an eco-friendly way. You can simply make a swing out of the tires in your backyard. Hang a tire to a strong tree with the help of a strong rope. This would be a good swing to hang on to at evening times or when you just want to relax. Fill the tire with soil to form a strong base to sit on. Make sure that you tie the used tractor tires strongly to the tree so that they do not fall down because of your weight.

Another use of used tractor tires is that you can use them as raised garden beds for small plants and vegetables. You can fill the tire with soil in between its walls and then plant a bonsai plant or vegetables. The tire would not allow the soil to scatter around and also will prevent the roots of the plant from spreading around so that they can go deep inside. In this way, you would get an easy to install raised garden bed without spending even a penny for it.

Used tractor tires can also be used to form composting pots. You can fill the tire with soil from inside and then add composting material and stir continuously. Stirring the compost in the tyre would be easier. You can also use it for fencing. Many people make decorative fences for their garden with the help of tyres. You can cut the tyre into half or bury it half into the soil and make a short fence for landscape elements.

If you do not want to use used tractor tires, simply sell them to rag pickers for recycling. This way you do your bit to protect environment. These factories recycle the tyre and make a new one out of it. You will also find stores which provide brand new tyres in exchange to old tyres.