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Garden Tractor Tires

Welcome to our site about Garden Tractor Tires!  Here you can find tons of information on how to buy replacement tires for your garden tractor or garden mower.  Choosing the right tire is critical to the function of your vehicle.  It is important to know the different types of surfaces of the tires including rib treads, smooth, raised edge, and many more.  This is because the type of tire is very dependent on your application as well as your situation.  Each person may need a different type of tire, and here at this site, we can help find the tire that is right for you and your garden tractor.

Rib Tires are the probably the most versatile type of garden tractor tire you can find.  The rib tires have the advantage of increased traction, while maintaining a gentleness on the turf as to not damage the grass you are cutting.  However, for some lawns this can be too aggressive, especially for gardens.  Therefore, this is not always the best type of tire.  This tire can be considered a type of “cross-training” tire that is good at many things but not excellent at anything.

While the rib tire may not be specialized in small gardens, smooth tires are the way to go in this situation.  Smooth tires have minimal damage to turf, which can be invaluable when working in close quarters such as in a garden.  Although most garden tractors are not used in gardens, this tire allows you to convert it to that usage.  Furthermore, smooth garden tractor tires allow for better peace of mind knowing that your garden is safe.

Finally, commercial grade turf tires with square shoulder sides (better known as raised edge tires) are the most aggressive tire.  This allows for far superior stability when handling difficult terrain.  Although it is probably the harshest on your grass, it gets the job done with safety and a comfortable user experience.

In addition to normal garden tractor tires, there are also tires with aerating spikes on its surface.  These spikes serve to break up the soil and also occasionally turn it over, which is very beneficial to the plants you are growing, or for turf.  The aerating spikes cut holes into the turf, then lift dirt clods out in the form of long cylinders.  This helps the water penetrate your grass to increase its growth and health. 

As you can see, there are many different types of garden tractor tires.  Hopefully the information you find here will help you in making the best decision for your garden tractor tires, whether your machine is a John Deere, or a Toro, these basic consideration must be used when choosing a garden tractor tire that is right for you.