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Welcome to our site on Lawn Tractor Tires!  Here you will find all of the best vendors for tires for your walk behind or ride-on tractors and lawn mowers.  Firstly, make sure you are familiar with the different types of tires and the importance of choosing the right tire to maximize the effectiveness of your mower or tractor.

For one, the steering system depends greatly on your tires.  Anytime steering is brought up, safety becomes and issue.  In order to ensure maximum safety when operating your mower or tractor, you must make sure you have tires with adequate traction.  Usually as the tires get worn down with age, they lose a significant amount of traction.  “Balding” tires are the most susceptible to tractor or lawn mower accidents, but luckily this is an easy fix.  Here are some recommended tires for different terrains and needs:

Rib Tires - These tires are designed to minimize damage to the turf.  They achieve a good grip because of its increased surface area in the channels and protrusions of the tire surface.  The tire profile is very compact for the large amount of traction you receive.

Classic TX – These tires have small grooves or channels that run parallel to each other around the tire’s circumference.  These types of tractor tires have more traction than a standard tire, but less traction than a ribbed tire.  However, the main advantage that they have is that they are more durable and are gentler on the turf.

Multi Trac Tractor Tires – These tires feature a sharper corner to the tire, increasing the surface area, which leads to more traction for better handling and steering, even on wet turf.  However, these are more out of style in residential use.  They are more commonly seen in commercial applications such as a golf course or an industrial setting on lawn tractor tires.

Smooth tires – These tires are the least aggressive and are recommended where traction is not needed.  The tire features higher resistance to punctures and the least turf damage possible.  However, they are often the easiest to find and can be adapted for any type of lawn tractor wheel